Ancient city solar term

Ancient city solar term

Twelve solar terms custom in ancient city

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  From April, the wild rhododendrons in longelbow mountain began to open up from the bottom of the mountain. By the end of May, the top of the mountain opened into a sea of flowers, which is beautiful and can't be missed.

  On the fifth day of the fifth lunar month and the fifteenth day of the fifth lunar month, the meeting managers have to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival twice. The whole city eats medicinal meals and takes medicine baths. In the evening, the whole city goes out to "travel all kinds of diseases".

  On June 24 of the lunar calendar, the Yi Torch Festival is a carnival for three days. During the day, beauty pageants, bullfighting and wrestling are held. At night, torches are lit, and people get together to sing and dance until dawn.

  In August and September every year, Huili pomegranate is mature and can be picked and tasted in the pomegranate garden. The pomegranate with green skin and soft seeds is big and sweet, which makes you full of food.

  On the 16th day of the twelfth lunar month, the year of the Yi nationality, when you go to live in Yi Township, you must taste the authentic Yi cuisine such as Tuotuo meat and pickled cabbage soup, and feel the rich ethnic customs.

  When you come to Huili in winter, you can feel the warmth of "Xiaochun city". You must eat hot mutton soup pot and go to longelbow mountain to see the snow wrapped in silver.