Impression of ancient city

Impression of ancient city

Longelbow mountain

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  Dragon elbow mountain

  Longelbow mountain is in the north of Huili County. Because the mountain is winding, the top of the main peak is like a dragon head, and the side peaks on both sides are like longelbow, we get this very special name. Sunrise, sea of clouds and Buddha light are the three most important views at the top of longelbow mountain, but whether you can meet them depends on fate. The peak is 3586 meters above sea level. When the weather is fine, you can see the Miyi River Valley in the East and Huili dam in the west, but the dense fog on the top of the mountain comes and goes, and you may not see anything in a twinkling of an eye. Even if there are no three wonders, longelbow mountain is definitely worth visiting. Go up to the high place and look back at the mountains. The peaks and valleys fluctuate and stretch continuously. There is a momentum of sunny and sunny, and the beauty of rain and rain. For photography lovers, it is easy to take good scenery whenever they go up the mountain. From April to May every year, there are often traffic jams on the mountain road, and many people come to visit Du Peng from all over the country. The original Du Peng of longelbow mountain is famous far and near. It is characterized by wide area and dense forest, which is completely formed by natural growth. In a year with plenty of rain, from mid April, the small leaf Rhododendron on the hillside will open first and slowly go up. By may, the big tree Du Peng with an altitude of more than 3000 meters will open into a sea of flowers, all over the mountains and fields. The higher the altitude, the more species of Rhododendron, the larger the tree, and the more prosperous the growth. Near the top of the mountain, there are few tree species except Rhododendron. The most rare species in longelbow mountain is the Yellow brocade Rhododendron, which is elegant and rare.

  [how to get there]

  Starting from the county, drive 20 kilometers northward along Road 108, turn to renlongshi mountain, and go along the mountain road. You can reach the peak at an altitude of 3586 meters. It takes about an hour and 40 minutes. The road condition was good hours ago, and there were winding mountain roads after 2 hours. You can choose a self incantation SUV or rent a van at the cultural factory of Huili County (about 320 yuan back and forth). It's better not to go up the mountain for cars with low bottom. Hiking Longshi mountain is very suitable for middle and senior hikers. First take a bus from the county to Dawan camp, Waibei Township, get off at Dading bridge, and then walk along the Bailong River. After walnut ditch, walk up the mountain. - the wind records on the road are very beautiful, and you can reach the top of the mountain in about 4 hours.


  The top of the mountain is the location of Sichuan Radio and Television Department's 614 microwave station. There are people stationed all year round. The top of the mountain is at a high altitude, which is prone to high reflux symptoms. Pay attention to reduce activities and rest more. The temperature at the top of the mountain is more than 15 degrees lower than that at the bottom of the mountain all year round. Before going up the mountain, you should prepare your clothes to avoid cold.

  [commemorative place of board meeting]

  It takes about 25 minutes to take a taxi from the county seat to the commemorative place of the meeting. The road condition of lanhong road is very good. Through the dam of Xianren lake, you will see a long ladder. It can be noted that there are 72 stone paintings on both sides of the long march ladder. Like a serial surface, JINGMAO tells you the glorious historical facts of the Red Army's siege of Huili city and holding meetings from Ruijin to crossing the Jinsha River. After climbing the stairs and walking to the right, there is a lake viewing Pavilion. Standing on the lake viewing platform, you can have a panoramic view of immortal lake. Xiancheng lake is crisscrossed with ditches, and mountains either extend into the water or emerge quietly in the water, forming several peninsulas and small islands in the middle of the lake. Xianren lake has abundant water and grass, extensive wetlands and swamps, and beautiful natural ecological environment. There is a white road beside the lake, inhabited by waterfowls such as egrets and wild ducks. The birds sing crisp and quiet. The island in the middle of the lake is called rixianren Island, which is named after the lake. The trees on the island are deep and the winding paths are secluded. On a moonlit night with few stars, lie on the island and listen to the rolling pines and snow waves rolling on the shore. It is open-minded and complacent.

  In May 1935, the red army passed by the meeting, and the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held an important meeting in Tiechang village, Lake District, which was called the meeting in history. The meeting summarized the strategic principles since the Zunyi Meeting, ensured the correct leadership of the Central Committee represented by Mao Zedong, and decided to continue to go north. In order to commemorate this period of history, the conference Monument and the Red Army square were built near the conference site. From the steps near the reservoir dam to the top, there are monuments and squares. Some memorial sculptures are scattered nearby. There are mountain trails connecting all places. You can walk and watch. It is not far from the county and there are mountains and water, making the scenic spot a good place for local people to relax on weekends and holidays. At the northwest corner of the scenic spot, about 2.5km away from the dam, there is a natural bell milk karst cave, called Xianren cave, with a depth of about 300m. There is a continuous stream of spring water in the cave. If you are a cave exploration lover, you might as well experience it. The entrance is in a small temple. If you need to enter the cave, You can ask someone to open the door. The ticket is 5 yuan.