Impression of ancient city

Impression of ancient city

Xiling spring piano

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  [Xiling spring piano]

  Walk about two kilometers along the road at the foot of feilaisi mountain. It is one of the top ten scenic spots in Huili - Xiling Quanqin (also known as Xiyan Dishui). This is a waterfall spring formed by a mountain karst cave. A mountain spring poured down from the top of the mountain and sprinkled into ten thousand pearls. The flying water mist turns into a gorgeous rainbow under the sunshine, and the plants on both sides are inlaid with two beautiful emerald edges for the silver waterfall. The waterfall flows into the mountain stream, the sound swings out of the sky, and the roar has sound. The downstream spring water is Ding Dong, and the sound is like Qin rhyme. It is said that there is a gold salt buried at the bottom of Xiyan dripping water. When it flies into the basin, it will make the sound of gold and stone like big beads and small beads falling on the jade plate. There is a karst cave on the side of the waterfall, which is cut by cicadas, in which the clock milk and riprap are staggered, vertical and steep, and some holes are exposed in the middle of the cliff, forming a viewing platform that can accommodate dozens of people. Climb straight up the cave. You can climb to the top of Xiyan Dishui waterfall. On the road from Huili County to Feilai temple and Xiling Quanqin, there are high mountains, dense forests and pleasant scenery. Along the way, there are two sides of Tianjin, mountains and mountains stand against each other, with beautiful mountains and rivers. Both forests. Caves, waterfalls. Religion. Cultural scenery is a rare classic tour route.

  [how to get there]

  There is a cement highway. Speakers can drive or charter a minibus to youjue. On the way, they can delay their consideration at the Douhua rice vegetarian Zhai of the flying temple.