Impression of ancient city

Impression of ancient city


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  Wuguantun has both natural scenery and historical and cultural charm. It is the back garden of Huili County, which is very worth visiting. Although it is close to the city, the original traffic is inconvenient and located in a corner, so the overall pattern has been better protected. Wuguantun is the best preserved ancient residential village in Huili. The whole village is built close to mountains and rivers, with unique natural scenery. Wuguantun has a cool and pleasant climate, with continuous fruits of pears, peaches and plums, apricots and lotus roots. Dozens of ancient courtyards of folk houses represented by Gaojia and Sunjia courtyards in the village are well preserved, and the style of folk houses in Sichuan and Yunnan looks like. From the shape and details of these buildings, we can see the traditional style of Sichuan Yunnan folk houses and the multi-ethnic characteristics of Huili since the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are not only Wuguantun temple and cultural scenic spots, but also Wuguantun temple. The Red Army stationed here during the Long March, leaving a glorious revolutionary history and red memory. Because the degree of commercialization is very low, Wuguantun still retains its original ecological appearance. It is absolutely worth spending - days to feel the natural beauty and cultural thickness of Wuguantun.

  [transportation and accommodation]

  Wuguandian is located five kilometers southwest of the suburb of Huili. It is connected by the village cement road. The transportation is convenient and you can drive to it. Gaojiayuan and other folk houses in the village can receive tourists' accommodation