Accommodation in ancient city

Accommodation in ancient city

Huichuan Post Inn

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  [Huichuan Post Inn]

  Huichuan post is a Chinese Traditional Residence Inn, located in the core scenic spot of the ancient city, adjacent to the North Gate Tower, bell and Drum Tower, Jinjiang academy, cangsheng palace, Kejia lane and other scenic spots. The main part is transformed from two 200 year old houses, integrating the feng shui of Huili traditional residence, the buildings of Sichuan Yunnan style and the exquisite gardens in the south of the Yangtze River. In addition to 20 guest rooms, the inn is also equipped with service facilities such as owner's house coffee, Chinese tea Gallery, private restaurant, display of local famous and high-quality local products and intangible cultural heritage, calligraphy and painting studio, free book bar, etc. living in Huichuan post is like living in Huili's long history and culture.

  Address: No. 36, Shengli lane, Huili ancient city

  Tel: 0834-5867999