Accommodation in ancient city

Accommodation in ancient city

Sihe Chengpin

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  [Sihe Chengpin]

  Huili Sihe Chengpin is the first home stay brand created by Huili Luke Hotel Management Co., Ltd. the home stay is located next to the bell and Drum Tower in the core area of the center of the ancient city, which is a medium and high-end sightseeing home stay complex for business people and residents. There are 16 rooms in total, all of which are 2-meter King rooms, including 3 suites, 11 characteristic king rooms and 2 star rooms. The room prices range from 300 + to 1200. The public area consists of the Ming and Qing Dynasty old house cafe on the second floor of the entrance, the star watching tea room on the roof and two spa rooms. The rooms are equipped with mini bars, which pioneers the concept of one guest and one towel environmental protection. The linen bathroom is all self owned laundry, five-star professional washing to ensure health and hygiene. The room rate includes the breakfast of special snacks for each guest, and provides paid transfer machine service. Sihe Chengpin is intended to change the way more people live and experience more Huili culture and details during the 8-hour stay of Sihe Chengpin.